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Counting Packaging Line

  • Model:Bottle Line
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Product Introduction



Turn Table : 
Feed the bottles into the conveyor 


Bottle Cleaner:
Clean bottle before counting.
The capacity is 60 bottles per minute. 


Pillow Type Desiccant : 
Dispenser feed desiccant into bottle.
The capacity is 60 bottles per minute. 


Cylindrical Desiccant :
Dispenser feed desiccant into bottle before capping. 
The capacity is 60 bottles per minute. 


Capping Machine:
It is suitable for plastic screw cap, press on cap & aluminum cap. 
The capacity is 60 bottles per minute.


Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing: 
Easy and simple to use.
All functions of cap sealing machine are clearly labeled on the display panel, which is convenient to access.


Wrap Around Labeling Machine (Self-Adhesive Type):
It is suitable for self-adhesive type label & round bottle. 
The capacity is 150 bottles per minute. 


​Cartoning Machine: 
It is automatic intermittent horizontal cartoner that automatically open, fold & close cartons, infeed products & leaflet into the cartons. 
The capacity is 100 cartons per minute.


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