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Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter

  • Model:KDC-212
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Product Introduction

KDC-212 Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter

Accumulated over 30 years practical experience on electric counting process, model KDC-212 Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter counter have been developed and fabricated by KD After manufacturing auto counting series machine such as KDC-101 Tablet & Capsule Counter ,  Automatic Counting & Filling Machine ,  Automatic Counting & Capping.

Model KDC-212 (
Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Countercounter is integrated optical, diagnosing and computer technology to achieve multi- channel counter, that was latest counter, very accuracy and very efficiency auto counter for capsule/ tablet in the pharmaceutical packing market.

The KDC-212 (
Multi-Tray Capsule & Tablet Counter  is a 12 channels counting machine that can accurately counts and fills all shapes of tablets, capsules, caplets, soft capsules and transparent products without change parts. 
Suitable for pharmaceutical, nutrition, food, cosmetic industries.

Applicable industryPharmacy, Biotechnology, Health Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, natural food…etc.

Max. Capacity: 850,000 Tablets/Hour

  1. Complete 304 stainless steel construction, products contact are made of stainless steel 316 or FDA approved material.
  2. Design exceeds cG.M.P standard.
  3. 12 channels counting machine with computer system to provide 100% counting accuracy.
  4. Each counting channel is equipped with high accuracate sensor.
  5. Pre-count gate system to increase counting speed.
  6. Counting speed ranges up to 10,000 pcs per minute.
  7. Dust compensator and sensor sensitivity automatically self-adjusts to offset the gradual accumulation of powder on the sensor window.
  8. Counts all shapes of tablets, capsules, caplets, soft capsules and transparent products without change parts.
  9. Pre-programmable computer with memory for up to 100 products data settings.
  10. 3 sets vibrator system transfer products from hopper to 
  11. counting head with smooth, quick and quiet.
  12. 10 inchs color touch screen control system.
  13. Self-diagnostic system.
  14. Automatic bottle height control.
  15. Automatic bottle gating system.
  16. Collector of chips and powder is provided.
  17. There are no wear parts, free maintain.
  18. Easy disassembly for cleaning.
  19. Other packing machines and cartoning machines can be connected to this machine as an integral packing line to meet the special customer's requirements.


Multi-Tray Electronic Capsule & Tablet Counter

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