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Cartoning Machine

  • Model:KDM-900
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Product Introduction

KDM-900 Cartoner Machine


The KDM-900(Automatic Cartoning Machine) is a fully automatic intermittent horizontal cartoner that automatically open/fold cartons, infeed products, insert leaflet into the cartons, coding and then automatically close the carton. The product range is almost unlimited and encompassing including blisters, bottle, tubes, etc.

Max. Capacity: 100 Cartons/Minute.


  1. All outer casing of the machine are all made of stainless steel.   
  2. PLC and Touch-screen Control, equip with smart detecting systems.
          •No Product detected then no carton will open.
          •No Carton detected then no leaflet inserted.
          •If no Product & Leaflet loaded into the carton then it automatically reject.
  1. Easy operation and easy adjustments for changing carton sizes.
  2. This machine operates on Mechanical Type System thus resulting in durability, 5.reliabliity, and perfect packaging  appearance.
  3. It can be use on Hot-Melt Glue Sealing Carton (OPTIONAL).
  4. KDM-900 can be combined with Blister or Bottle packaging production line.
  5. Various types of automatic feeding units/systems (OPTIONAL) are available such as blisters, bottle, tube, etc.


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